Welcome to Hull

Beautiful waterfront resort community home to the popular Nantasket Beach


The Nantasket Peninsula comprises a series of islands connected by sandbars, and the premier resort community, Hull, sits at the center. A beautiful beach town surrounded by water, Hull boasts dazzling sunsets and breathtaking scenic views of the Boston skyline. Perched on a narrow peninsula with only one road in and out, Hull is an off-the-beaten-path coastal paradise perfect for those keen on avoiding Cape Cod traffic. Most residents have the privilege of living on the beachside or the bayside, as the neighborhoods veer toward the water.


Apart from being a gorgeous waterfront community, Hull also has a fascinating historical background. It is home to the nation's first lighthouse and the country's first electric railroad. The town's most popular attraction, the Nantasket Beach Reservation, is considered one of the top ten best beaches in all of New England.


What to Love

  • Good restaurants
  • Nantasket Beach Reservation
  • Scenic views of Boston skyline
  • Historic sites of interest
  • 15 miles from Boston by ferry
  • Gorgeous resort community

People & Lifestyle

With views of the ocean anywhere you go, what's not to love? People are attracted to the area because of its affordable and diverse housing options combined with the fact that just about any place you live in Hull guarantees you a prime spot for watching the sun or moon gild off the water in a mesmerizing display of natural beauty.


It's a lovely little town to retire to or for young professionals just starting their careers. Those who regularly commute to Boston will appreciate the daily ferry ride, which makes the commute worthwhile instead of a bore. Hull is a fast-developing, lively, friendly town with many projects in the works and a busy hub for seaside tourism, thanks to treasures like the Paragon Carousel, fantastic restaurants, and Nantasket Beach.


Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

The beloved Paragon Park amusement park shut down in 1985, but the historic Paragon Carousel remains. A relic of the Golden Age, the carousel is one of fewer than 100 "Grand" carousels remaining in the United States. Constructed in 1928, the carousel has remained in operation for almost a century and still attracts thousands of visitors each year.


Located across the street is the South Shore's award-winning seafood restaurant, Jake's Seafood and Fish Market. Home to the best fried clams in New England, Jake's is a seasonal dockside eatery known for its yummy lobster rolls and nautical decor.


After spending a day at Nantasket Beach, visit The Parrot to refuel with some of their famous fish tacos. A spacious oceanfront bar and grill, The Parrot is a landmark eatery in Hull with two cocktail lounges and a rooftop deck. Here you can get some of the best pasta, burgers, and seafood in the area.


For something a little different, reserve a table at the Vietnamese restaurant Dalat. Operated by the Tran family, Dalat has been a Hull staple for three decades now. Enjoy authentic cuisine with a view from their upscale cocktail lounge or semi-formal dining room. Dalat is one of the best spots on the peninsula for sushi.


Things to Do

Hull's main attraction is Nantasket Beach, one of Greater Boston's best and busiest beaches. Known for its acres of tidepools, Nantasket Beach is a great place to take the family and teach kids about the local ecosystem. Low tide makes for the perfect beachcombing conditions. Nantasket is also a popular wedding venue and features volleyball courts and a playground. Locals enjoy coming here to hike, bike, and swim.


However, if you plan to go fishing, the best place to do that is in the Hull Gut. The "gut" is considered one of South Shore's best fishing spots. It's a naturally-occurring narrow channel between Pemberton Point and the East Head of Peddocks Island that runs about a half-mile wide and 35-feet deep. The gut is bordered on one side by a park and touts some of the best views of the Boston skyline.


Spend a weekend afternoon with your family exploring the recently revitalized Paragon Boardwalk. This block of family-friendly fun is home to beachfront drinking, dining, entertainment venues, art, amusements, and history. It also encompasses the multidisciplinary art installation, the Hull Art Walk, right next-door to Dalat Restaurant.


Once a year, the Hull Lifesaving Museum sponsors the magnificent Harbor Illumination night. This special commemorative event honors the heroism of the Massachusetts Humane Society, U.S. Lifesaving Servicemen, and the Coast Guard. It begins with a personal remembrance memorial service at the Hull Cemetery before leading to a big celebration that includes live music, children's activities, food, drink, craft vendors, and a lighted boat parade. The evening culminates in a dazzling illumination of 1,000 red flares dancing across Hull Harbor.

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